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- View, Print, Email, FAX (driver required), eforms (visual electronic forms) filled out with, EZ-Forms-DD250, EZ-Forms-Export, EZ-Forms-MSDS Fillers. - View web enabled eforms. - Network compliant. - Encryption enabled. (pw reqd.) - Advanced Enterprise, Developer, Private Label editions available. EZ-Forms-DD250, EZ-Forms-Export, EZ-Forms-MSDS Fillers (available separately) - Now you can simply scan your form into EZ-Forms, add filler fields, create a database with the wizard, and you are done! What could be easier? - Import bitmapped graphic images too! Most other file types including PDF, etc. can be easily converted. We provide you access to the tools, or we can do it for you. - The EZ-Forms System is the eforms and database solution for your destop, laptop, entire enterprise, or client base (Developer's edition). DataBase connectivity via standard .DBF data files (ODBC) coupled with electronic forms (eforms) allow total e-forms automation that is uniquely enhanced with real looking on-screen forms that print exactly like the original (if it ever even existed). - Unlike page document composition, EZ-Forms' logical object oriented drawing tools are specifically tailored and optimized for forms design and manipulation. Its WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interactive screen is clear, intuitive and easy to use. Font size, typeface and printer options (including FAX transmission) are limited only by what is available under Microsoft Windows. - Distribute your eforms to anyone, anywhere via your LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet, Email, etc.

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EZ-Forms-DD250 screenshot

EZ-Forms-DD250 5.50.ec

Fill out, print DD250 Matl. Insp. Rcv. Report.

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2005-06-16 15:02:25
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EZ-Forms-MSDS 5.50.ec

Fill out, print Material Safety Data Sheets.

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EZ-Forms Viewer - Email FAX Print

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